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S1:E9 Evolving Through Grief (Special Episode) Jacquelyn Emery

April 18, 2021 Ms. Bliss, Shell Phelps Season 1 Episode 9
Blasting Bliss
S1:E9 Evolving Through Grief (Special Episode) Jacquelyn Emery
Show Notes

In this special extended episode of Blasting Bliss, Ms. Bliss, Shell Phelps, continues to explore this season's theme of "Soul Searching".  In this week's interview with Jacquelyn Emery, they took a close look into how Jacquelyn finally found peace after an eight-year journey with losing her older brother to ALS.

Listen to her captivating story of how she discovered her brother's tragic diagnosis only to discover how truly brave he was to face his fate.  Yet, his life lesson is truly was an amazing story of encountering the odds for many years and how she was right by side every step of the way. Learn how it stifled her life in many ways with consuming guilt but it never stopped her from being there her brother and best friend. Be inspired by this truly motivational ending of how losing a loved one and evolve your life.

Sometimes you find bliss in very unexpected ways and when your not looking for it. That is the magnificent part of pushing past the unexpected life challenges we face to find bliss waiting on the other side. Opening up your eyes to a new perspective even while saying good-bye is making a "one-degree shift". This last impression you leave on this earth also leaves an imprint on the world and the people you love.

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Ms. Bliss, Shell Phelps, would like to thank you for listening. If you would like to find out more about her be sure to visit her website at She is a professional speaker, leadership coach, and international award-winning author.

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