Blasting Bliss

S1:E8 Free Yourself With Forgiveness

April 11, 2021 Ms. Bliss, Shell Phelps Season 1 Episode 8
Blasting Bliss
S1:E8 Free Yourself With Forgiveness
Show Notes
In this episode of Blasting Bliss, Ms. Bliss, Shell Phelps, talks about how forgivness can actually give you a sense of emotional freedom by making conscious decisions.  She shares how forgiveness is not a one-time decision and you have to keep making that same decision, which isn't always easy.

Learn why staying angry doesn't help you or anyone involved and how it erodes your happiness quickly over a short period of time. Shell shares why and how these decisions can affect you during your lifelong journey. Ms. Bliss also touches on how family connections are important but choosing the right ones. Toxic people are toxic people, even if their family. She also brings up the topic of how your closes friends become your family.

Remember people have a lasting impression on you, so the same is true in reverse. You can and will have a lasting impression on others.  This includes positive self-talk. These one-degree shifts will leave you feeling better about yourself and improve your relations.

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