Blasting Bliss

S1:E7 Reclaiming Your Passion (Interview with Scott Snow)

April 04, 2021 Ms. Bliss, Shell Phelps Season 1 Episode 7
Blasting Bliss
S1:E7 Reclaiming Your Passion (Interview with Scott Snow)
Show Notes

In this episode of Blasting Bliss, Ms. Bliss, Shell Phelps, continues to explore this season's theme of "Soul Searching".  In this week's interview with Scott Snow, they discuss how he found his way back to his passion in an unexpected turn of events. 

Listen to Scott's captivating story of how he begins living his passion in high school and how it carved out a new path for him in college.  Yet, he soon discovers his dream and passion were cut short by external circumstances that left him abandoning his passion for many years. As his journey continues, Scott revives his passion and dream in an unexpected direction. Listen to how he rediscovered his passion by helping others and by giving back.

Sometimes you find bliss in very unexpected ways and when your not looking for it. That is the magnificent part of pushing past the unfamiliar and challenging to see a new vision of bliss. Pushing yourself to do great things for the greater good by making a "one-degree shift". This lasting impression becomes part of your blueprint to making a better you.

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