Blasting Bliss

S1:E6 Kindness Is NOT A Weakness

March 28, 2021 Ms. Bliss, Shell Phelps Season 1 Episode 6
Blasting Bliss
S1:E6 Kindness Is NOT A Weakness
Show Notes

In this episode of Blasting Bliss, Ms. Bliss, Shell Phelps, talks about how kindness can be mistaken for weakness when actually it's an ultimate strength. Hear Shell's reasons why.

Learn how to Flip-the Script during those negative conversations. Find out what three questions to ask yourself before releasing your frustrations onto someone else.

Remember people remember the last thing you say not the end result or what happens after that moment. They don't always get the updates so make sure you leave a positive imprint whenever possible. This includes positive self-talk. This one-degree shift will leave you feeling better about yourself and improve your relations.

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