Blasting Bliss

S1:E3 Making Emotional Deposits

March 07, 2021 Ms. Bliss, Shell Phelps Season 1 Episode 3
Blasting Bliss
S1:E3 Making Emotional Deposits
Show Notes

In this episode of Blasting Bliss, Ms. Bliss, Shell Phelps, talks about ways you can make deposits into your and others' emotional bank accounts.  Shell shares some history into her background, declaring she is a transformed pessimist.

Learn how to make one-degree shifts daily to make a better you by showing kindness to others. This way you are making interest on a compound deposit by depositing into your own emotional bank account and into other's emotional accounts.

Learn and understand the difference between unconditional love statements by excluding "if" statements and including "because" statements. Accept ALL aspects of yourself, flaws-and-all, own them! Defuse the nay-sayers by being proactive.

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